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Tatt 2 You

Transforming your body into Art

About Us

Inform visitors about you, your business, and the awesome team you have. 

High-quality images, optimized for the web, can showcase your business and your artist's portfolios.  Video can further enhance the visual experience.  Have a look at the "Artists" page to see some of the many options available to present your photos.

Tattooing may not be everything you do: you may offer piercing services, tattoo removal, etc.  You can use a built-in booking system to detail your services, allow customers to book and pay online, or as I've done on this site, simply list your services as webpage content.  Click on the "Our Services" button to see a list of sample services I've created and to read more about the options available for bookings, scheduling, and payments.

Initial Consultation

You want to make it easy for customers to get in touch with you and book that first appointment and there are many options available to do that.  Adding "Book Now" buttons at key points on your website can provide them with several opportunities to engage.  There are other options available to encourage customers to contact you.

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Allowing customers to connect with you on the phone or via email, whether to your current email address or new email address branded to your company, is easy to do.  Phone numbers should automatically launch a phone app and email links must launch their email app.

Using an online form helps to ensure that important information is captured on that first customer contact.  All emails submitted using a form will be recorded in an internal contact list allowing you to easily manage your customer information. 


Forms can also react to customer input, making them easier for customers to complete.  In the example below, the email address and phone number fields are hidden if the checkbox "Existing customer?" is checked.

After form submission, a confirmation message can be displayed which can set customer expectations on what will happen next.  In the form below, there is a confirmation message saying "Thanks for contacting us.  We'll be in touch within 3 business days."

Get In Touch

* fields are required

Thanks for contacting us.  We'll be in touch within 3 business days.

You can animate your webpage so that images and text appear as a visitor scrolls down. 

Small bird tattoo

"Add customer reviews to your website to show other customers the great things people are saying about you, linking to the review platform" - Kevin Tobias Google review

"Best tattoo I've ever had, and I've got tons!" - Kevin Tobias Facebook review

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You also want to link to your social media platform for further customer engagement:

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